Did slaves get tattoos? – Tattoo Designs Men

Yes, slaves did get tattoos.

What kinds of tattoos did whites get to show off?

These types of tattoos did not show off anything.

Do African-Americans get tattoos on their skin because they are attracted to white people?

No. It is simply because they are not slaves.

Were slaves able to have tattoos before the Civil War?:

Yes. During the Civil War, the practice of getting tattoos was used by the Southern states to show that they were fighting for freedom from the North.

What do slaves get when they get tattoos?:

There are many variations, but here are some common types. Some are just common tattoos of a slave’s face with an “R.” Below are a few examples of black slaves tattoos. Note the “N” over the “R.”

One of a black slave with his face and skin tattoo.

Another black slave with his face and skin tattoo.

Another black slave who had tattoos over his body, but it is not clear which.

Some black slaves who got an A and a “N” tattoo.

Some black slaves who got an A and a “I” tattoo

Does a black person ever get a tattoo?

Not all slaves can get tattoos. Some would have to sell their freedom, or get a waiver for a tattoo.

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