Can you go to heaven with tattoos? – Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Men Of Someone Who Passed

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Yes. I am a believer. I can go to heaven with tattoos. I think a lot of people don’t want to do that, but I am in a good spot here. I am going to be fine.

Will you still go to the bars? I love having the freedom of not having to worry about anything.

Well, I will. I don’t think people should have to worry a single bit. The bars are a nice thing. I have nothing like that for myself. I have a different style now with how I handle things, so I don’t really use bars anymore. I use the internet a lot more than I used to, but that does bring new challenges like everyone else.

Are tattoos a form of self-expression? What do you think about when people object to your tattoos?

Well, some of the guys do get angry when I wear them. Some guys tell me “You look stupid.” At first I was like, “Well I should get a tattoo, because you are saying you don’t agree with me.” I think they should say, “Let me see a doctor and then I’ll speak to you.” It is like every other form of expression that is free and you don’t have to do anything when you do.

What is your relationship with God? How do you find his will or guidance?

I don’t think we have any relationship except that one time we were together. He was looking for someone that could look after him in some way. When I look in the mirror there is a lot that goes on in my body, but that doesn’t really come into it. My body is my body, and God doesn’t care about my body. When I think about myself as some kind of a body on top of God and all the stuff in my life, that doesn’t really occur to me. I just feel his power. I don’t think there is anything special about God or me. He created everything out of nothing. Everything is just matter, right?

That is a great thought, but I was thinking about how, when the universe is being created, what if God is a part of that?

That is a better thought. If God can be the whole universe, so can the entire universe. Right? If he can help with the creation of everything out of nothing and then make the universe out of some other material substance? Then you can ask whether things are good or bad. It’s the same

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