Can you get two tattoos a day? – Smart Tattoo Designs

Nope. Just two.

What’s the best tattoo you’ve ever had?

I think it was a horse.

Can you get tattoos in black and white?

In black and white, yes.

How do you make good tattoos?

I don’t know. It’s kind of random. Sometimes like this person who has been a really good friend and he’s also a tattoo artist… he can’t even afford one dollar for an ink line. So it takes a lot of money up front. But other times you just want to do something that someone else is doing and it’s been done by people for a long time, like I’m trying to figure out something with this man on here, if there’s anything I can do. I’ve tried everything.

But it doesn’t work!

Well… I mean you take it to the shop and you take it out, and it probably just looks worse for whatever reason, you know? Whatever we’ll try it on. And you see what people find most pleasing, you don’t know. There’s nothing I’ve done that’s gone well.

What’s the longest tattoo you’ve ever had?

I think it was at least 12, 15 days.

And you’re still getting it?

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I’m always getting it, I’ve done as many as I can get, honestly, I’m always getting it. My daughter just said she heard some bad stuff about me getting a girl on my body, she’s like ‘dad, you get the girl, you get this… it seems weird, but it’s better than nothing’.

You got a tattoo from a friend of yours. Can I take the picture of the tattoo?

Well, you know, just don’t let it get too big.

Have you had anything like that before?

Well… it was when I was young? When I took an accident the first time. It was really bad, it got worse and worse and worse. I remember it was a long time ago, and it just kept getting worse and worse. It made me start thinking that when I get my tattoos, I might die. I remember thinking that, even though I made it to my 18th birthday – it was my first birthday. Like two years later, I still wanted to get a tattoo, but I’d had enough of being angry, I’d had enough of being sad – I didn’t want to get

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