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21st Century Wire says…

According to the US House of Representatives Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, approximately 1.5 million veterans had died in the War on Terror between 2001 and 2011 – more than half of all American Veterans who die serving in Iraq and Afghanistan today.

There is growing evidence that the wars have left many veterans and their families suffering psychologically and even physically.

A recent survey by the National Veterans Foundation shows that more than 80 percent of veterans surveyed admitted to having been the victim of misconduct, bullying, or sexual assault.

So is it time to stop taking Americans’ welfare on the side of the war machine and give them the respect and care they have earned?

If we want true American Veterans to come home to the US, we must stop giving billions of our tax dollars to foreign contractors and return our Veterans to their communities in need of housing, jobs and health care.

We should also ensure the US Government, and specifically our Veterans have fair compensation for these veterans’ injuries and conditions.

And we should not let the Department of Veterans Affairs go bankrupt, as it can only be saved by reducing the number of people who need to be employed. By taking a hands-off approach to VA, we risk ending up with a broken VA, and the same poor services from the bureaucracy of a broken America.

We should also demand a full investigation into the VA’s handling of veteran suicides and the health of these veterans.

By making the case to the American government for the US to stop spending US$40 billion every year on the military, and instead give these Veterans money for their housing, health care and education needs – we can truly make our veterans whole once more.

It’s time we start taking Veterans’ welfare out of the hands and control of the Department of Veterans Affairs – and start rewarding them for the hard work that they and their comrades in arms in Iraq and Afghanistan put themselves through.

As US Corporations begin to crumble, it just gets worse. The Veterans Association reported that the average annual cost per employee for the Department of Veterans Affairs has more than doubled since 2006, from $13,400 to $26,900.

By taking care of our Veterans on a level playing field, we can actually begin to protect the health and well-being of their families – which

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