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– A question that can keep a person in tears is “Can Catholics get tattoos?” This is often a question made to elicit a personal response, or an answer based on religious or moral principles, as some Catholics have come to resent this issue. In fact, this is one area which Catholics cannot agree on. While, on the whole, Catholics do not believe that getting tattoos in an attempt to show one’s devotion to God is sinful, the Church does not, as a matter of doctrine, teach that it is. This is something a good Catholic would not accept in any situation. But the question still is, why? “How can one worship God when one is so polluted by sin?” is a question which people often ask themselves when contemplating getting a tattoo to show their devotion, to express their “purity”. This is not something that God asks of us, therefore, it cannot be valid. A tattoo that is made primarily to express one’s devotion to God or to the Catholic religion does not offend the Catholic faith. “Is it good to have a tattoo?” – Another common question is often asked, “Is it good to have a tattoo?” In some respects, this question can come on stronger than, “Is it sinful to have a tattoo?” For many the Church has always taught that the human body is “inseparable from its source.” This means that there are some aspects of the body which the spirit cannot enter, such as the skin, the eyes, and the genital area. The nature of the parts which the spirit cannot touch and hence which cannot be touched by the spirit can be perceived by the spirit, however it cannot take any form (the eye cannot see with the spirit, for example). The reason for this is that it is not yet possible for the spirit to fully experience the human body, for this has not yet been achieved. There are many different ways of achieving this, and, most probably, this would include getting a tattoo. The first is called, “The Flesh that God Created.” This concept has many aspects, but there is one that particularly has a particular resonance for Catholics. “The spirit in us goes on the cross so we may live and be made whole.” In other words, God does not reject the part of our body which would not have God’s presence, the skin, because of its relationship to our sin, but for his own desire, for our own good. It is because a part of the human body that is not connected to God, and is not fully made, is not
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