Can anyone get Samoan tattoos? – Best Tattoo Designs For Women Top Of Foot — The Today Show Widget (@thedayshow) January 14, 2014

There are three different styles for tattoos, as described in this article.

1. Determined Samoan Tattoo:

2. Hawaiian Samoan Tattoo:

3. “Jared”:

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The tattoo is to honor a son who was killed in WWI, but it’s not just a family matter when you have a sister who is so in debt that it’s impossible to get more than the $1,600 minimum.

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The tattoo is on the side of his face on the left side.

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The tattoo artist is known for designing tattoos for his clients, not by their tattoos but their character.

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This is his latest character tattoo. He’s “Jared” and he’s got a tattoo of two words, which should give us clues as to just who he is.

Photo credit: Facebook/GratefulAunty

As you can certainly imagine, this is going to get me more than a few tweets, and I hope you will too. I hope they get me to write something that can change, not just my own words, but the way we talk about things.

Today, I’d like to discuss one of the most important things that we want in writing: the idea. A word for the idea it comes from, that it represents, and how we may use it. We call it an ideal. I call it an ideal because for us, that seems like a pretty good title. Ideally, we should aspire to something better than what we currently have. That’s an ideal, if nothing else. To be more specific, we try to achieve something that we want to accomplish in our lives. It’s not just us saying that. Our readers and our readers’ readers say those things too.

Here’s the thing: We have much more control over our ideal than we realize.

And we could have much more control if we would just ask ourselves: Would I want to have this ideal?

In other words,

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