Can anyone get a tribal tattoo? – Tattoo Ideas For Breast

I just got one a few weeks ago. It’s awesome! It’s from an American cartoon that came out when I was about 4. It’s a really cool tattoo. It’s sort of like a skull with an American flag on it… It’s pretty cool. I’ve never had somebody get one before, and it’s kind of cute. I can’t wait to get it. [Laughs.]

What is the best way you’ve ever seen music be represented in your own tattoo?

I know this one guy, John Hynes from San Francisco, who is actually doing an entire album right now, and he’s got all these people in his head, and I’m like, “I can hear this guy in my head!” It’s such a dope thing with him. It’s crazy. Sometimes I’m like, “I like it… I think it’s cool,” but then I go, “I’m going to get you a tattoo. I think you’re really cool.” Then I don’t think about it for another four months.

A huge part of your career has been with the Foo Fighters, so it’s kind of ironic that the song “Wasting My Youth” is your most famous song.

Thank you! [Laughs.] That song started from me sitting next to Dave Grohl. [Laughs.] We had this conversation and I was like, “This song is going to be really popular, and one day, I’m going to write it as a song for you.” And it was such an honor. I thought, “I’m going to leave this one off of the album and just do a Foo Fighters song.” And then Dave said, “Do you do vocals?” I wasn’t sure. You know this song and it’s going to be the big Foo Fighters song for a long time. That was cool. That record is gonna make millions of people famous. It’s gonna be weird to go back to it and not want to do it.

You’ve mentioned in interviews that you’ve been in the hospital once before from drug abuse. Do you have any thoughts about getting sober?

Right now I’m doing pretty well, and I don’t think I miss anything. I don’t think I’ll be a drug addict. I have a really wonderful family and a really good life right now. I think my only addiction is making music, but I love playing it. I think for me writing is a little bit of an addiction. I’m not trying to say

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