Can anyone get a tribal tattoo? – Simple Tattoo Designs For Male Wrist

Yes, although I cannot help but think if you wanted to go there you’d find a whole town of people doing tribal tattoos.

Do you guys have any favorite tribe or person in your tribe?

I think every tribe has something that makes it special. It’s just a matter of taking the time to try out the tribe first to build a strong bond with the members. The funny thing about the tribes is they are always changing based on what the previous tribes did or didn’t do. The last time I went I felt like I was part of a new tribe called “I am Your Mother,” but it just felt really out of place to me. Maybe that’s because I like to make fun of myself.

Do you think “Woo Hah Woo” is still relevant today?

“Woo Hah Woo” used to be pretty funny because the only way you were going to score points was to beat the guys on the island. Now, everyone on the island can beat the guys, except maybe that poor guy on Woo Hah Woo and his “I’m not a kid” tribe. So, if these guys aren’t making it home this season then maybe it’s time to change to “Baby I Love You.”

“Woo Hah Woo,” being so old school, is pretty lame. The thing about it is you can still joke about it if you can’t get in on the act. (Laughs.)

I think people might also be more open to the idea of an older, traditional tribe like “Pawn Stars,” where there’d be little to no nudity, but still a lot of humor.

It’s a funny thing about it because we’ve heard the guys on the “Mentalists” tribe, which is all about making jokes, are in love with each other, but they are all over each other, so no one will ever see other women being hurt or not happy. It’s a classic situation.

In other Tribal Council news, where are the people from South Pacific?

I’m getting an email and I’ll let you know what it is tomorrow.

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