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A divorced couple in a secular church, including a married woman who has not married as a Catholic, who has been denied the opportunity to be married in the future is not going to marry. If they do, she or he is not going to receive Communion. To the extent that they are living together, living together in an intimate and valid marriage, they’re going to receive Communion and be able to live the married state (if the man was in a civil union). It is quite clear to me when a woman is in a state of adultery when she remarries and not only are they not married before, in the future they are not going to receive communion. The fact that a woman (and a man) may get married after the woman has been in a state of adultery (for example by having a sexual relationship with another person, not only is she not getting married, she is still living in adultery) is not going to make her a member of the Church. So the question should be, “What’s the state of affairs?” The answer, as I see it, is not, “Yes, it was adultery,” because that’s not what is going on.”

Another Catholic bishop in Florida explained to CNN that in his region, the question of whether Catholics who live in monogamous relationships with their spouses can receive communion remains contentious on the local level. While the Bishop says that the local Church is “satisfied” with local practice, he also says the local bishops must continue to negotiate with local officials on the matter.

When this story broke a few days ago, a priest in California was quoted as saying that if a couple who had married in a Catholic church gets divorced and remarried in the state of California, the Catholics who live in those state would not be able to receive communion. But even if he were correct, the Church would have to look at the couple’s sexual history when determining why these couples are excluded from the Eucharist.

[Related: The Archbishop of New York is going to try to prevent couples from receiving communion if a husband and wife have had sexual relations. Here’s why.]

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The Archbishop of Seattle, US, explained during a recent press call that any person who has ever had sexual relations with another Catholic priest is exempt from receiving the Eucharist as is the case for an adult who has had same-sex sexual intercourse. Even same-sex sexual relations, he explains, are a sin. Therefore, a divorced couple who is divorced is not

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