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Can a widow remarry? Can divorced men and women remarry? It comes down to where you stand on these questions, and how deeply you believe in your core Catholicism.


My husband and I are in a “remarriage” situation. There are two reasons that this is possible: First, both our religions teach us to be fruitful and multiply through the gift of marriage. Second, marriage is sacred and we are in it together. As a husband or wife, if you feel that marriage’s main purpose is to provide an enduring union of love, companionship, and a family, it is possible for you to remarry after a divorce or a lifetime of separation. But if your marriage is broken by an injustice, even a minor one, your divorce is the only possible remedy.

Many people want to remarry and believe that marriage is not about children, that it is something that can be bought, sold, and traded. They may also feel that their children are entitled to the rights and responsibilities of parents, or that it is wrong to make them sign a document that they cannot live up to. If you feel the former and the latter, we would hope that you will not remarry. But if you are the first spouse, if you feel you have done nothing wrong in the way you chose to parent and care for your children, if you have no intention of rearing children, then the Catholic Church’s teachings on such matters are the only reason we believe that you can re-marry. To put it succinctly, it is because we believe strongly in the reality and permanency of the institution of marriage that we would not want you to remarry.

Of course, you may not agree with both of us, but we do think it is important that everyone understand the differences that exist, so that even Catholics who disagree with us—like the author of this blog and other Catholics who feel like they know more on these issues than we do—understand that they are probably as different as can be. Catholics should also understand that not everyone believes that you need to sign and seal on an agreement that states that your wife isn’t allowed to have casual sexual relations with anybody—even her best friend, even her boss, even her bishop. A majority of Catholics—perhaps even Catholics who disagree with us—do. As Catholics, we would love you to read all of our posts, as well as the articles of our contributors. Here is my personal take on remarriage. It is

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