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A young Jewish teen whose family is being attacked for daring to wear a kippah on the streets of Tel Aviv has come up with a scheme that could transform the way Jews dress in Israel and the United States.

After a photo of the 14-year-old girl was published in the daily Yedioth Ahronoth and sparked shock and outrage in the country as a whole, the woman who posted it has decided to set up an organization that offers free haircuts, nail salons and educational courses for students, among other things.

The woman, who is from the city of Tel Aviv, said on her Facebook page that her goal is to “make it possible for you to feel Jewish, regardless of your religion or ethnicity.”

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Yedioth reported that the girl made a statement before her mother’s funeral, expressing hopes to one day have a synagogue where Jewish families could gather.

One person who signed a petition to support the young girl told Yedioth that it was “a brave step, and certainly an attempt to fight the wave of anti-Semitism coming from all sides.”

The youth leader said she also hopes that the efforts of the organization will help change the way Israelis look at the world, which she sees as “hateful to Jews.” She also said that some of the things the organization is offering are “completely unacceptable” within the secular society.

The young girl’s mother died two days after the incident and is being cared for by a rabbi she is with.

It was not immediately clear whether the girls had decided to pursue the idea or the organization.

Image copyright PA Image caption The BBC said the “inappropriate” incident happened in Leicester City’s stadium

Rival fans have used “racist gestures” to attack two Newcastle United players and a police officer during a match.

Footage showed the two men being pushed and punched by fans from both sides after Newcastle’s home draw at St James’ Park.

BBC radio is reporting Newcastle fans are using the word “spoony” during the violent clashes.

The match kicked off just before 19:00 BST on Saturday.

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The two men, both black, were

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