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A report released by the Australian Crime Commission shows that over 70 percent of all incidents of crime are committed with violence, not just by offenders who are looking for attention. The crime that most often targets people with tattoos is assault.

So now you know the facts—not that there’s anything wrong with having tattoos on your body or your head. You can choose not to get these, but many do anyway. Tattoos can be therapeutic, beautiful and are even therapeutic in moderation.
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In any case, the best part of the whole tattoo thing is that now you know: Tattoos are not what’s wrong with you. You’re a person with flaws and needs, just like any other person. Tattoos can provide a different outlet for your emotions. Not everyone with tattoos would consider the whole project a crime, but it’s the same principle.

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It’s time to take a closer look at our favorite indie band from Philadelphia, Thee Oh Sees. They recently released the aptly named “In The Mountains,” which found them tackling their biggest challenge yet; how to move past their love of hip-hop and turn the songs into something more. It works… in their favor, at that.

“In The Mountains” is a beautiful song, but it’s not particularly engaging. The vocals are good, but in between the verses, the drums, and guitars, there’s nothing particularly interesting. But those things are overshadowed by the song’s beautiful guitar chords and lyrics about “hope” and “dreams” that are delivered with genuine conviction.

The lead guitar riff in “In The Mountains” is not the most exciting or most distinctive I’ve heard from Thee Oh Sees, but it’s an impressive example of their craft. It also is one of the best guitar solos I’ve ever heard from a band I like.

Here are ten reasons why “In The Mountains” is one of the best songs in their discography.

When it comes to how your money is spent, what would you say about Apple if you heard that you spent a lot of your money on Apple devices and services when you would normally spend it on other items?

How much would you spend on one month’s vacation?

Mitt Romney’s campaign manager said Tuesday he believes Romney has “absolutely zero chance” of winning the election in November, warning in an interview that his fellow Republicans could take up arms against President Obama if he loses.


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