Are tattoos haram? – Rose Tattoo Designs For Men Drawn Flowers

The Quran instructs us to take these signs of Allah’s curse away. This is a message from Him, not a law that one will be able to break. The Quran says, “We have imposed upon Allah the duty of removing those curses from others to whom He has not imparted it by commandment. If anyone transgresses it, We shall cast into the fire the curse of Allah and Allah will surely curse him.” (3:38). (Muslim)

“Tattoos are not permissible except when they are in consonance with Islam.” (Qur’an 48:16)

What is the purpose of a tattoo?

The purpose of a tattoo is to remind you of your sins and show you how much you have forgotten about God, the Most High. In addition to that, the intention from the beginning of the tradition is to convey a message to you to stay away from sin and do not be a loser in Allah’s sight, so that you may be given victory for that day.

As a tattoo artist, you should be aware of this as this will help motivate your clients and make them more dedicated and diligent in their actions in this life, where God is the sole recipient. (Tamer)

How should a client be informed of the purpose of a tattoo?

All tattoos (even some which are not recommended) should be performed by a qualified and approved tattoo artist who has undergone training from Muslim universities, in accordance to the teachings of the Quran. Your tattoo artist should consult his manual and seek Allah’s guidance regarding the tattoo. It is very easy for the tattooist to create these kinds of tattoos.

As a rule, the tattooing should be done by the tattooist alone, if you are a client. Do not have anyone else in tattooing who does not have the qualifications that will help him to produce the tattoo. (Anwar)

What does a proper tattoo mean?

A proper tattoo must be on a person’s chest or under the arm area of the face in order to show a person’s sin and the need of God’s forgiveness and protection. A person who commits acts to do injustice to others has done them a big favor by being tattooed. Tattoos in Islam are meant to symbolize God’s favor toward someone and to remind others of their sins.

An Islamic tattooist will make sure he is in a proper state regarding fasting, proper hygiene and wearing the proper clothes. The Islamic tattoo will also

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