Are tattoos haram? – Outline Tattoo Designs And Images

Well, the following are common questions asked by Muslim people about tattoos:

• Will people think I’m a bad person?

• Will people think me crazy?

• Will they stop me for having a tattoo?

• Will they get offended?

• Will I get in trouble for having a tattoo?

The main reason for asking what tattoos are haram is because people use those as religious justification to get a tattoo. Most of the time, it is not the fact that the person has a tattoo that the person is concerned about, but rather, the fact that it is a “bad” tattoo. Sometimes, the people who ask these questions are trying to defend this belief, but the fact is it is really not a good justification as much as it is an attempt to defend someone from harm.

For people who are confused or may not be too familiar with the concept of a tattoo, let’s go over in a little more detail what a tattoo is. We will also discuss some common misconceptions that people might have about having a tattoo. By the end of this article, when you are ready, you might be able to better understand the importance of a good tattoo.

What Is a Tattoo?

Let’s start with a simple definition and also a short description as well.

A tattoo (also known simply as “mark”) is an expression or graphic design associated with the human body. When a person applies or wears a tattoo, he or she is creating an expressive visual expression to bring about psychological or physiological changes in the human body. There are thousands of tattoo designs to choose from and to choose something “bad” is not necessarily a bad thing. It is an indication that you are on the right track.

An example of a good tattoo, as an image, is one that is symbolic of good things in our lives such as success, self-confidence, good relationship, beauty and friendship.

An example of a bad tattoo, as an art, is a negative image that is used as an expression of a negative aspect of our personality, which can be an individual, a group, social class, profession, religion, or group. The purpose of a negative tattoo is to create a negative emotional reaction in the viewer or in this case the writer. A negative tattoo does not serve any other purpose than to create tension, pain, stress, or discomfort.

When you think of a tattoo, what would come to mind is a picture or image.

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