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It’s a very complex question, because in both male and female choreography, a dancer’s weight and the style of dance are important considerations in terms of how a dancer moves. The weight of the dancer determines the angle he will move his legs. If the dancer is very thin, he may be able to use a bit of gravity to keep his weight on the floor. Other dancers, however, need to balance weight in a way that is more consistent with their own physical characteristics, and more importantly the strength of their movement, to create fluidity and stability. For these dancers, having a heel height of about 6 to 7 inches gives them a bit more stability and power when it comes to balance and the ability to maintain a balance.
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It’s not surprising that this has been the preferred weight for male pole dancers, at least on the ground. Many dance teachers and instructors have told us that, on the pole, male dancers with heels are more prone to injury because they are more reliant on momentum rather than weight. This is because when the male dancer is bouncing and moving, his weight is much more concentrated on a relatively small area of the floor compared to the female dancer, who bounces and moves in a wider circle and thus has the added responsibility of balancing the weight of more of her body while she gets her balance in. This makes it easier for the dancer to lose his bearings, and thus has a much higher chance of injuring himself.

Male pole dancers, who are heavier in their training, have been taught not only with the purpose of supporting them in weight, but also so that they could create dynamic movement. Some male dancers have learned to hold their weight in a high position from the start of pole dancing to the end, and they have taken into account how their bodies would react to holding that weight. For men who don’t have the strength to hold their own weight, the high position is important, because the pole dance itself provides a tremendous amount of movement in support. The more they move, the more they move on their legs, the more they move on their hips, and the bigger the impact they’ll have in their dancing.

There are many reasons why women may choose to wear heels and no top: some women fear that they may have trouble balancing or moving properly when wearing a high heels, and other female dancers wish to be able to dance in heels when they are not at the top of their game!

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