Why do pole dancers wear heels? – Pole Dance Near Me

The short answer is: they can wear heels, but not the full variety of high heels. Pole dancing, for example, is a high-knee sport, which means you don’t usually have a pair of comfortable, flat-topped shoes to wear (unless you’re just trying to get out of them). In addition to the high-knees and the heel, a pole dancer can look pretty much as good in flats as she could in high heels, with very little difference that you won’t notice.

How many legs do pole dancers have?

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A pole dancer’s legs don’t all have the same length, height or width. To be legal, a pole dancer has to have the same length and width of legs as her partner, regardless of the dancer’s height or weight.

Does pole dancing create a physical disadvantage?

There’s a common misconception that pole dancing causes physical problems with its movements. However, there is an advantage to practicing pole dancing from an early age until that dancing is “automatic.” As a result, most kids don’t develop the fine motor skills necessary to dance, so getting the skill is often an important part of it. Also, there’s a good chance most kids wouldn’t be interested in going through a series of “pavement drills” to learn steps, and they might not even want to learn from a dancer who’s doing it for the wrong reasons.

How do pole dancers get their clothes?

Every pole dancer has to pay a dress or underwear charge for their clothes. A few of these clothes are made by stores that allow pole dancing at all, sometimes in partnership with the dancers, though usually the dancer pays the bill for her own attire. A lot of girls pay for the same-fitting clothes they wear to the gym in the first place.

How do pole dancers dress for the pole show?

The only pole dancers who go to professional performances are the ones who don’t have enough money to pay their own outfit. For many, this is not an option — since many pole performances aren’t really shows at all, but rather choreographed routines performed by an ensemble of dancers that includes the performer. While these performances are in some ways more serious than those performed in front of a live audience, it’s still a fun day out at the park for most kids. A professional show usually comes with a separate tent — one for the performers (the “dancers” in this case) and another for each audience member.

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