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Why did the world’s tallest person, Pole V, begin in the U.S.? How did the world’s biggest pole come to exist? Where did the world’s largest living pole find refuge? Read all about it in “Pole Walkers of the World.”

What exactly is a pole dance?

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A pole dance is a dance that is performed in the center of the ground for extended periods of time to achieve various physical and social levels such as height (height is a physical characteristic, not a dance performance), strength, speed, speed of rotation, strength and coordination, stamina (strength is often measured in sets of handstands performed in the same sequence for long periods of time), endurance, agility and mental ability. A pole dancer uses his or her body, arms and legs to move in and out on the poles, while the hands remain on the ground or hang down from the pole-stool.

Pole dancers typically move in a rhythmic, choreographed manner in which the hands on the ground are used in a particular order, one following the other. The arms and legs are used in sequence, and both must work to maintain their positions in a steady rotation. The pole’s weight is used to help maintain stability because of its height.

Pole dancers also use props to create obstacles in place of poles that are being swung or pulled by hand. (The props must also be strong enough so the dancers are no longer able to swing them; otherwise they move a limb as if they were pulling a string, which may cause injury).

Who started on the pole dance world in the 1800s?

Pole dance has been around since the time of explorers who started the ancient Greek and Roman empires and ancient Indian tribes that moved into the Americas.

The pole’s origins became a worldwide phenomenon during the 19th century. Among the earliest examples was the dancer and pole dancing master, Lillian Ball, whose daughter is the current reigning Miss America. (Here’s the Miss America pageant winner’s story — as told by her dad — of starting the pole dance world).

As World War II drew to a close, America began recruiting people from outside the U.S. to serve in a variety of occupations, including the military. Many of these volunteers were from the Far East — like the famous Chinese dancer Lin Yutang (pictured above).

And as the War on Poverty drew to a close, many Asian veterans found their opportunity to serve in the Peace Corps in

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