What should a beginner wear to pole dancing? – Pole Dance Studios In The Arizona

There are a variety of different styles and equipment that go into pole dancing so it is important to consider what type of dance you enjoy but also what type of person you are. Your goal as a beginner should be to take it slowly, so you can get into the rhythm of the moves so you feel the rhythm first. If you can dance well with a partner at first then a beginner costume should be acceptable.

If it is your first time pole dancing you should wear a simple costume that blends in with the dance and keep the outfit simple and clean

If you have any more experience then you should spend time to explore different types of clothing and make sure the clothing is comfortable and suitable for your body

As a beginner pole dancer you might find some of the clothes you wear may become an obstacle in a pole dance competition, so it is important to choose clothes that make pole dancing seem normal.

To ensure every aspect of your pole dancing goes well you should be aware of your body and the position you are in so it is a good idea to wear a suitable pole and pole partner suit. A suit allows you to put certain body parts close to each other so they do not look out of place but also allows you to keep your body comfortable and warm.

When your pole partner is standing you should wear shoes or boots to ensure you are comfortable standing up to the pole. Shoes are more flexible than boots so you have an easier chance of maintaining a good position and not falling over as you move. Another advantage of a suit or jacket is that it prevents sweat from getting into your costume so you can dance all day without wearing the sweaty costume

Make sure you understand how your partner will dance to ensure they are able to move freely when you are walking around pole dancing. The more relaxed you are in the movement the more you can show your partner. They can also dance around the pole to show how confident you are and so your partner knows you will try to keep up with them

For more information click here to visit the official Pole Dancing Safety course page

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