What parts of the body does pole dancing work? – Pole Dancing Classes In Atlanta Ga

A pole dancer needs all or quite part of four main body parts:

1. Back/shoulders – which includes your neck

2. Upper body/abdomen

3. Lower body – including your thighs and buttocks

4. Legs – which includes all parts of your legs except your feet.

How did pole dancing come to be?

The story of pole dancing is in no way specific.

When the Greek king Priam founded his colony of Sparta (c. 541 – c. 448) by sacrificing to Zeus, he was asked the following:

– What is this game that you call dance,

– And what does it signify?

– To a stranger,

– What meaning do you assign to it?

He replied that the game was to be danced when he came near the enemy. The king then replied: “And it was to be danced if I saw a man in front of me.”

Aristippus, a Persian king, was asked the same question by the king of the Jews: “What do you call this game of gymnastic, which is to be danced when your foot finds the floor?”

And the answer which he gave was: “To the first person who does this,

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to the first man who does this,

you are a stranger,

but to your opponent you are a friend.

But I, in turn,

love you.

Who said this?”

– Plutarch, Plutarch, or in Latin, Xenophon, On the art of gymnastic, book I.

– In an ancient poem, “Pole-dancing in honor of a Spartan who died in battle” (ca. 476 BC), Homer wrote:

– “Amanon was king of Spartan land,

and his name was a name of honor among men.

At his death, the Spartans made a competition with one another,

and there they danced for a year and a day,

until at last the leader of the Spartan squad,

called Man, came up to him.

He said to Amanon: ‘Why do you do this, my lord?

You and your friends who dance with the others,

have not any place to dance with me tonight.

And I know that dancing with the other men

is not

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