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The simplest pole exercise is for people to stand with their feet bent. If their legs are straight, they don’t have to do anything. If they have one leg bent (which is the standard for most Americans), they just have to keep it straight even when they are in a horizontal posture. They can do it any way they choose because there is an easy way to do it or they can do it in a chair or on the edge of a chair. The key is maintaining the knees bent even at the most awkward moment. You have to know whether or not your knees are straight or bent in order to know which way to angle your body. If your knees are completely straight in a straight line or if they are bent but not perfectly straight you have to make sure you are in a normal stance or in a half stance. If you are in half stance and your legs are bent, you want your right leg to be straight and the left leg to be bent. If you have your knees bent in the normal bent stance, you are either doing a good pole exercise or an old fashioned, but effective standing pole exercise.
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Is pole exercise better than standing?

If you are trying out exercise outdoors or in the woods or on open land that is not in a gym or swimming pool or in an office or in a hotel pool, then pole exercise is the way to go. The fact that your feet are in the same direction means that you have no problem with any imbalance of the muscles that make up your legs. As a consequence, your body doesn’t fatigue in the same way that you do when you stand for long periods of time. Since you are in full, active stance, your body does a very good job of keeping your muscles and joints moving.

Does pole exercise help my back?

Yes. Pole work is the safest and most effective way to protect your back from injury. As you know, people who are prone to injury tend to have weak muscles. This is especially true if you are a heavy-set person who runs a lot or use a lot of weights in your off-dances. Pole exercise is a good way to strengthen your muscles and ligaments and strengthen the muscles in your lower back as well.

Is pole exercise dangerous?

I don’t think pole work is dangerous except when done improperly. You can injure yourself by getting hit by a pole as a result of being in an awkward position when using a pole. As you may know, most of us stand up

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