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The use of pole movement to improve body composition is growing. A simple example would be the use of the stationary bike to burn more calories from the same amount of movement. Using the same stationary bike, you can burn 2,400 calories with one minute of bike exercise.

The body is able to use up a lot more calories than it burns. When people do high intensity exercise, their muscles are worked at similar levels as when they are just sitting on a couch. So they burn an equal amount of calories during the workout. If we could burn more calories working with the moving pieces of our bodies, our bodies can use more of those calories and get more benefits from the exercise.

Pole Exercises

Pole movements like:


Side Plank

Side Plank is considered the ideal exercise for building great core strength. It is also considered an intermediate plank exercise that allows the body to work more slowly. Many people think that it has nothing to do with abdominal strengthening.

However, you can do some exercises that will help strengthen your core.


Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Pull your knees up as high as you can on each rep, without giving any extra support. Don’t hold out like a fish!

Squat, side pull, step-up and pull-ups are great additions to your workouts.

Do more pull-ups on heavy weights, or if you need an assistance exercise, use a weighted vest or use weighted bands.

Pull up, pull-up, Step-up and side pull-up are a great workout for the abdominal work.


Ski Pull Back

Dips can be done with a dip bar or on a regular bar with water.


Squat Lying on your hands, knees with the toes pointed up and knees slightly forward. Lower back to the floor and bring your butt as close to the ground as possible to the bar. Keeping your spine and thighs bent, keep your legs parallel with each other. Lower and hold for 4 to 8 reps.

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Alternate feet as much as possible

Stair Climbs

Stair climbing is often called “polesurfing”. In this exercise you can use a piece of furniture or a rope. Use whatever resistance and/or weight you might need to get a good stretch. You can do stair climbs with a weighted vest or using

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