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Pole exercise consists of a long pole held by two people and they are swinging their arms. While this sounds easy, in my opinion you need to make sure that your body is doing it correctly. The proper way to do pole exercise is to have a partner in between the two people and then swing your hands back to your partner. After a couple of seconds the partner should be able to hold onto the pole for several seconds before having to switch it up with a second partner.

If you have the ability then this exercise can even be done indoors!

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This article was published in the Spring 2015 issue of The Conversation.

The largest of these studies, involving more than 2,000 men over an average lifespan of about 45 years, has recently come to light—and it adds a new dimension to the understanding of sex differences in the brain.

It reveals, for the first time, that men with an enlarged left caudate nucleus have a lower tendency to have sex with their partners, and vice versa. The findings, from the study led by Professor Daniel Levitin and published this month in The Journal of Neuroscience, are significant as they confirm our longstanding understanding of men’s sexual preference.
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Sex differences in the brain have been well-documented through studies of sexual orientation and sexual experience. But for decades, the neural basis of sexual orientation has been unknown and largely attributed to social influences on the development of sexual behaviors across childhood and adolescence—the so-called “gender dimorphism hypothesis.” The idea is that, since men and women differ in specific brain structures, the tendency to express that difference will vary based on the context of their experiences and that an individual’s gender will also be shaped by other factors beyond their control. A 2003 US military study showed that men born to military parents were more often sexually attracted to girls than men born to civilian parents.

But a recent study of a much larger sample size from two different studies of adult men revealed the very opposite result-one that could help explain the gender dimorphism theory. Professor Matthew Kramer of the University of Manchester and his colleagues showed that men who had an enlarged caudate nucleus, the brain region associated with sexual behavior, are more likely to have sex with women during adulthood than men who have a smaller

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