What is exotic pole dancing? – Indian Pole Gymnastics

You can choose a variety of dances that are not only beautiful to behold, as well as fun and healthy for your body. We recommend that any of your friends take a look at our list of 15 of the Best Pole Dancing Positions, as they are both fun and easy on your bodies.

Top 25 Most Popular Pole Dancing Positions & Balancing Types

(all of the following images are from our most popular pole dancing positions)

1. Elbow, elbow, calf & buttock position

2. Tummy to belly position

3. Calf-to-face and foot-to-face/feet-to-a-palm position

4. Thighs to waist, knee and buttock to belly position

5. Cowgirl

6. Shoulder to back & buttock to head

7. Standing knee to calf and breast support position

8. The classic “Saddle position”

9. Head and buttock to back of thigh position

10. Reverse calf & buttock to stomach position

11. Balancing on a wheel, toes out and back

12. Balboa / Sock Position

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13. Reverse Cowgirl (The backside)

14. Backless or butt-to-butt

15. Reverse Cow (front)

16. Belly to Belly

Want more? Here’s a fun book to get you started!

For more information and a free demo, please contact us directly to request a demo of any of our dancing position pictures, or contact us for a more detailed description of the positions listed.

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