What does pole dancing do to your body? – Pole Dance Exercise Classes Near Me 55340 Zip Code

Here’s a video of a pole dancer at a club I go to in New York doing a very impressive, head-on head kick on the pole while I stand right beside him and watch.

I know what you’re saying, right? There’s no reason anyone should want to stand near a pole dancing pole. It’s just silly, really. But I have to admit, it sure isn’t all that hard to believe that if this woman was a regular, non-pole dancing woman in a regular bar with a regular, non-pole dance pole, I’m fairly certain that she would have been much happier and less bothered by this situation.

I’d argue that this is not the case.

The problem with this is that pole dancing and all the other forms of dancing that rely on the use of pole dancing as a part of their repertoire are designed for and used by women. It’s the exact opposite of what they want — women will naturally avoid any situation with the pole in a bar or club that doesn’t make them comfortable.

A man’s desire to get up on a pole is not inherently aggressive toward a woman. This kind of behavior, which is a natural byproduct of being a man, can be very pleasant and very pleasurable to watch. So why would a woman try to stop a man from doing this? And why would she deliberately create this uncomfortable situation? It just seems ridiculous.

And it’s not just women, either. Here’s a video from Germany featuring a woman who does a bit of pole dancing.

Here’s a video of a man taking a pole dancing class.

I’d argue all of these men are doing nothing wrong. They’re just enjoying what they are getting to do.

I don’t want women and men to stop dancing, particularly dance that requires a “head-on head kick,” if that’s what they’re having fun doing. I just want them to have fun doing this as well as they possibly can. And for women, especially women who don’t understand why some of these dance moves are creepy as hell or inappropriate for some other purposes, I’d just ask them to watch some of the videos I’ve linked to before making their decisions about dancing with a partner to the poles.

I’m not trying to say, “All dance is sexist!” I’m just trying to point out that it’s not the poles, or even this very particular form of pole dancing, that inherently makes someone sexist. Women do dance

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