What do pole dancers do? – Famous Pole Dancers

You get to hang out in their houses. They also learn how to dance in front of crowds like a real dancer, just to keep up with the times. And they have one last thing to do if their dance is a little outdated and outdated at home…a dance on the stage! So, who don’t want to make that commitment to go up on a pole and dance? Well, maybe they don’t want to, but they might want to try going out to a pole class. Or they might have never gone out to a pole class. Or they might not feel their body is ready until after they learn some pole dancing. I don’t want to say pole classes are for the weak or the shy, but that’s definitely a factor in some pole dancer’s decisions. Some may also just be reluctant to dance around their house knowing how much they need to learn. And I guess they will think it’s so much fun being on the pole that they might not want to go right? Or that they might try to avoid the choreography? This is what we need to be thinking about as an industry. Not just about pole dancing, but also a larger conversation about how to make dancing in the home the best it can be for everyone. For me, pole dancing came from a love of dancing my best at home, even though it’s the first step to something that is never meant to be, that goes in a lot of directions and is in a lot of places at the same time. The first pole dance I ever went to was at my grandmother’s house. Before it was a dance studio and before it was on the dance floor of a nightclub. This was years before I saw my first video camera because my grandmother used to make me use my mother’s, which was actually an early video camera. This was before I had my first camera. I’d have to look for these things and the more I looked the more I came to the conclusion they were part of what made my mommy so cool…a great seamstress, really awesome, great dancer, and the best seamstress money could buy. The dancing, however, was just what made her so amazing: the amazing and fantastic work she did was always great but that’s not what makes me feel like I belong here…it’s the fact that with so much amazing, wonderful seamstresses making a living doing something they love, I don’t. And here I stand, still a child. I don’t even know how it feels to go into the professional world.

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