Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – Pole Dancer Song

What should I remember when I’m preparing for pole dancing? What are my expectations for pole dancing in general? Can I teach a beginner?

Can a teacher teach a beginner?

I have my own pole dancing classes and I’m interested in learning more about pole dance with more than just a choreography. What do I do?

Can anyone teach me or an educator teach me?

Will you teach me when I’m 16.3 years old?

How can I find a good pole dancing class in my area? How do I find one?

Can a teacher teach an adult class or is that only for kids?

Is pole dancing safe for a woman to do?

Do I have to have a partner to dance?

How do I know my partner won’t fall? or How dangerous is a partner to a male dance class?

How much pole dancing is dangerous?

What can I do if I’m struggling with my pole dancing?

My friend says my pole dancing is “unstable.” What do I do?

Are you making a choreography from our videos? How can I learn the difference?

Is pole dancing about balancing weight on the bar? How?

Is it OK to bend at the waist to hold a pole?

What is a pole in a circle?

My friend has a video and says it’s dangerous. How do I tell him that it’s safe?

Can I be a pole dancer on camera?

Should I dance while wearing a hijab?

Does a teacher have to be a full time teacher?

What are my options when teachers complain and how do I handle this?

How do I change teachers? Can I ask to perform some of my choreography or are you a full time instructor?

Can I ask someone for permission to audition to dance in classes?

When will I get to perform?

How long will it take me to learn?

What is class time?

Have there ever been injuries in pole dancing?

Can I get paid if my pole dancing goes well?

How do I work with a Pole School for free? How can I find one?

When I get home what can I do for fun?

What kind of training do private pole dancers get? Do instructors get paid?

Does my instructor teach class regularly?

Can I get a

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