Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – 1-On-1 Pole Dance & Fitness Atlantic Competition

Yes. There is an upper limit on the maximum poleweight the individual can use at the same time. The weight limit is the same for both men and women who are not the same height as you may be.

Are there weight limits for pole dancing and pole classes?

Yes, men and women who are over 18 must be over 180kg. And if you are over 18, you also have to be over 180kg if you are planning to compete in pole dance classes.

What is an age limit to compete in pole dancing classes?

The age limit is 18 years. Also, it is not allowed you to be over 10,000m. You must always be over 6 feet.

Can girls compete in pole dancing classes and men in pole dancing classes?

Yes, girls can compete, but they must make the minimum weight for the classes. And there is no age limit in pole class either.

Does there have to be a class?

Every male and female must get their class in the same event. So, they can compete to the same event for the same classes.

How many times can a member compete at pole dancing classes?

Each class has a limit to the number of participants. Even if two members of a class are competing, they cannot join in the same event of the same class.

Do the members of the class have to show up all the time?

Each member must show up at the door of the class at least twice. In some events, it has time limits. For example, it must be at 9:00 and 10:00 in other events.

Do pole dancers have to be dancing at all times or can they relax at the event?

Generally, members of the class can relax at the event. When a member of the class is not able to participate in the competition, he/she can go ahead and wait at the door for a little longer.

What are the weights of your competitors?

Each pole dancer has to lift at least 20 kilos and 30 kilos on the pole. Each class can have weights higher than 20 kilos.

Why can they only get the maximum weight that they need?

Each class has a max weight. So, if one or two of the competitors are not able to participate in the event, then they might drop their weight in that class. This is usually not the case for members of the class. The

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