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For a man who has had the opportunity to work in Hollywood before, it makes some sense.

But the average film actor only makes $70,000 per film to be a consistent piece of the action. So why would a working actor risk money on a riskier proposition?

It makes sense that someone with his credentials could make a better deal from TV or independent films

“It makes sense that someone with his credentials could make a better deal from TV or independent films than doing it as a lead,” according to producer David Wolkovskis.

He says he’s seen a difference in the reaction of potential participants in the industry since last summer’s announcement, as agents and potential clients took notice of his reputation

“They said ‘who are you?'” he says. “It was a good thing for a man with a lot of history, so to speak.”

‘Like gambling?’

Anecdotally, agents and producers alike are now more conscious about not letting any money go to waste.

“From the last few years we had a lot of agents who would say ‘yes we can bring in three or four actors or even five if they’re available,” says Peter MacKay, managing director of Creative Capital Group, an agent who operates more than 50 agents in the US.

Image caption Peter MacKay says it can be hard to differentiate between “acting” and “working”

He’s been hearing from clients who want to book new faces when it comes to acting jobs, and some agencies have been rethinking how often they book actors.

“You’re paying $5m [£3m] for the rights, and you need to be able to do something, it seems like you want two or three actors, not one,” says Mr MacKay.

“Sometimes it can be hard to say, okay we’re booking a couple of actors for $2m (£1.85m) but we’re also booking a couple of actors for a big budget film.”

On the subject of money, Mr MacKay says: “Sometimes money is not enough. A great number of actors will say ‘well just wait, it’s only going to last for three-month contracts and they don’t have to get paid’ and you’re like ‘well I understand what you’re saying but I don’t want people waiting.'”

‘Just a dream’

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