Is pole dancing the same as stripping? – Pole Dancing Funny Gifts

No, it’s completely different. The pole dancing analogy is more of a metaphor in that the whole point of pole dancing is to be able to move in a circle, and if the other participants in a circle are going to be naked they naturally want to look their best. But in general, there’s a lot of “show off your skin” going on, and that’s how pole dancing works.

What do you mean by the “show off” part of it?

Well, in a normal dance circle people are naked. They’re dancing and having a good time naked. But when we do this, it’s more different. There’s a lot of attention to the dancers’ skin – they aren’t always being photographed or watching a video. It’s just really nice. People come up to people to get high and to have their face looked at for long periods of time. It’s amazing what they do to each other.

How close were you to stripping?

I was pretty close.

What was your relationship with the other pole dancers?

I don’t think I had a girlfriend because most of them were my friends.

Do you still have a girlfriend?


How old were you when you started pole dancing?

26. It was in Canada, I think. I remember in Toronto at a dance studio a woman came up to me and said, “Wow, what a beautiful girl.” I said, “That’s exactly what I am, but I have no friends.” You have a great time when you’re with your friends, but after a while you start thinking maybe it’s time to get one. So it was one of the very first times I tried to make a living dance around. It’s so hard when your friends aren’t there.

Were you in any clubs?

Absolutely not. It was very hard to get a job there. It was actually difficult to break in because they didn’t like guys in tight-fitting clothes. The clubs would have a problem with that. I had to work two or three jobs to get the money that I needed, so it was a hell of a struggle.

How many people are in your class right now?

I think it’s three or four people. It’s hard to keep track of because we’re dancing in circles with strangers.

How much money have you made?

About $1,000 in a week.


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