Is pole dancing the same as stripping? – Competition Francaise Pole Dance 2018

No, pole dancing is very different than stripping. Many pole dancers are trained to do pole dancing. Once a person is trained, they are expected to continue on learning as they please and learn different ways to demonstrate their pole skills. Pole dancing is a way of life, and to be seen in public as a pole dancer isn’t a big deal to them.

If you’re new to pole dancing, is pole dancing the same as naked?

Naked poles are no less beautiful than fully clothed poles. The question may seem like a simple one, but it really is a serious one, isn’t it? When viewed as an individual, naked pole dance is very different from strip dancing. One dancer’s nude art is another’s stripper’s, and the difference in style is very dramatic.
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If pole dancing is the same as stripping, then where can I see it?

I can’t say for certain, but I can say that there are a lot of pole dancers who are fans of Naked Pole Challenge who will gladly say so. Just remember, don’t be offended if you hear the word “pole dancer.” We’re all in it for the same thing!

What are some great pole dancing videos?

Pole Dancing by The Amazing JB is a great addition to any pole dancing playlist. This “dance” is as exciting and entertaining as it is hilarious! Watch the dance, and try to guess what he’s doing next.

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