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“It is very dangerous,” says Pascale Vassallo, one of the founders. “We have seen deaths at several competitions in the last year. It’s never been safer to be a pole dancer. There are rules that you cannot do what you want without being punished.”

Do professional pole dancers have to wear the same safety gear as traditional dancers?

“No. We wear a black hood, white gloves; there is an inner safety belt. There is a safety barrier which goes off and there’s a safety box that goes from the box to the bottom with the harness.”

What safety precautions do the dancers take in the arena?

“As you can imagine, in every arena of competition we use ropes, we use chains and poles,” says Vassallo. “We use protective devices, as the safety officer has told us, as do all participants.”

You must wear a safety harness between the feet and the knees, as part of the rules from the International Federation of Pole Dance.

“Our safety rules are very stringent and they prohibit any violation of them,” says Vassallo.

What do the female dancers go through?

“They’re really focused on their technique,” says Vassallo. “They have their own life in the ring. They dance around and around and around – the more you dance around, it gets harder for you.”

Do you have to wear your seat belt?

“Yes. It’s called a belt. It’s actually worn under the belt that goes from your thighs to the bottom of your waistline,” says Vassallo. “You have to put your seat belt on. We have our own safety device. It’s actually a big plastic contraption with a motor.”

Can you ever get stuck?

“We have accidents. We have a lot of really good students,” says Vassallo. “But I don’t feel responsible personally. We do everything we know how to do without mistakes. It’s not like they are taking advantage of someone without their knowledge. There is a lot of communication that goes on, sometimes, in the ring.”

Is pole dancing safe for everybody?

“It’s definitely safer than traditional dance in many ways,” says Vassallo. “For one, there are always dancers on your side, so there is no danger during the dancing area.”

Do pole dancers have health issues?

“We do have a lot of

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