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It depends.

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State laws on lap dancing often conflict with federal law, but the bottom line is that federal law applies. A law regulating lap dancing applies to any venue where dancing is performed, not just a local club. If a law in a state regulates lap dancing, then it is also illegal in federal venues where lap dancing is a permitted activity.

Most states require dancers to wear a valid license issued by the state they live or work in. Many dance instructors require a license. Some dance licensing programs require dancers to take a certification course.

However, most states do not allow lap dancing in all forms, so it is important to search out a dance license that allows some form of nude dancing, or a certificate to certify instructors on your dance floor.

Check out our Nude Dance License List for the best nudes dance licenses in the land.

Does nudity get you arrested and jailed?

Nudity isn’t illegal at all places throughout the United States — in fact, naturists may be legal in every state. What is illegal is the act of taking a nude photograph, or performing a nude dance.

In Florida, for example, anyone who performs a nude dance or takes nude photos on or off a public street and in or on a place of public accommodation without permission from the owner of the place or property may be prosecuted.

Nudity, however, is only the starting place for a legal situation to get murky because nude photography is still illegal. There are laws that cover the taking naked photographs in public and are intended to prevent “recreational snuff magazines.”

So, if a nudist has a photo of himself in a public area, he might be in violation of a local code. If the nudist owns or rents the property where the photo is taken, however, the nudist will presumably have to do the work of removing the image if it is found on the property.

It remains legal to take photos of any public location — even in front of a building or a building’s exterior — without permission, either by posting them on a server that’s not a naturist website or by posting the images on a server that’s a naturist site. If the server is an Naughty Nude Photo Server, it is technically possible to post nude photos, but if the server is naturist and the nudist is using the site to upload and view photos, he has broken the law and should be prosecuted

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