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Yes it’s easy for most beginners. You’ll definitely need some experience with pole dancing to become proficient. After that, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to get better at a pole dance class, whether you want to work with some dancers or have a solo pole dance session.

Have you ever dreamed of being a world class pole dancer? Are you interested in learning some new exercises and improving your skills? Let’s meet. Meet at The Pole Dance Club in North Carolina!

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

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Tribe: #1951 of the NCOA

The United Nations is proposing a new international agreement called the Global Arms Trade Treaty (GATT) that would place global restrictions on the sale of conventional weapons to other countries.

The UN’s International Panel on Global Drug Policy has endorsed the idea, calling it both “promising and ambitious,” and “a first step toward a universal treaty on global drugs policy.” However, the panel admits that the GATT will have to be ratified by member states by mid-2017 and be signed or ratified by all other nations by mid-2019, and that it is unclear if a treaty can be ratified by the United States.

The new treaty would require nations to sign an arms embargo on all weapons and to prohibit “all transfers” of conventional weapons except in case of “war waged on public enemy nations, internal insurrections on domestic soil, or external aggression.”

The UN panel writes that “no matter the particular context, all arms trade must be subject to binding rules prohibiting all transfers of conventional arms unless they are specifically permitted, or a special exception or exemption provides for them.”

The panel, which was co-chaired by former British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, writes that “legitimacy” will also be a factor in the ratification of the treaty. It recommends allowing states to propose a “draft treaty” rather than accepting a final one, but it writes, “the draft Treaty must be submitted to a vote of the General Assembly and its approval by qualified majority, in accordance with the General Assembly’s rules,” and also allows for a period of one year for states to submit an “original proposal,” in which case, the general assembly will vote on it, and in the case of “new proposals,” which are to be submitted within two years after the original proposal is considered, at a time when each state can submit a new and improved draft.

The UN also recommends strengthening international anti-corruption

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