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If you aren’t already familiar with spinning poles and why they might be better than a wooden pole, take a quick look at our list of 13 reasons why wooden poles might just be more suited to your environment – in the right environment.

Wooden poles are safer because they are far lighter

This is probably best illustrated by the fact that an Australian study (PDF) comparing two brand new Australian residential houses found two of those houses were made of less than 0.2kg of wood per sq foot of floor and one was made of less than 0.1kg of wood per sqft of floor and a third is made of more wood per sqft.

Wooden poles may be made of more durable materials

Pole construction can vary, but they are generally made of solid materials such as pine and cedar.

A study looking at two pine poles in Scotland found that: “Pine pole construction is generally more durable, as both poles have a thicker layer of timber covering them with a less durable ‘dent’ surface. Further, poles made with cedar poles generally are more expensive, are more likely to be used as house framing in cold weather and have greater cost per square foot of installation.”

This means that you can be assured that your home is likely to be more durable than your wooden pole, regardless of how expensive they are.

Pole construction can be better than bamboo poles when made of bamboo, like those pictured above

We recommend you buy bamboo poles because they are typically more durable, have higher ratings than pine poles and more secure than wooden poles because they aren’t as susceptible to bending or splitting.

If you buy a bamboo pole and don’t like it, we recommend you exchange it for a cheaper option, a timber or steel pole that is more durable.

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Poles are often used in areas that are not well-suited to wood, as a study from 2009 in The University of Iowa found:

Pole construction is more likely to be carried out in areas that are less conducive to building wood structures.

Pole construction can create more opportunities for fire hazards

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that traditional types of pole building may be unsafe – especially if they aren

the only pole construction available and there is a high risk of fire (PDF).

While pine poles are generally safer for the environment and more durable than traditional lumberpole poles, there’s more research showing that bamboo and steel poles

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