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Well, as with your basic dance, the best time to practice pole dancing is when your partner is actually dancing pole. That’s especially true in my experience when my partner is not a pole player or when they simply don’t have the space for pole dances in real life. It’s a different kind of learning about how to move and interact with the physical world, because the physical body moves in a very specific way – at a different place compared to a physical object. You can learn this in the first three days of a class – just try to practice walking on the pole instead of standing up.

2) Avoiding the fear of moving

Just because you’re a beginner pole dancer doesn’t mean you should stay a beginner! Don’t be afraid of moving into the world of pole dancing, learning tips from friends, doing pole workouts – you’ll see the world more as a master – and this is an entirely healthy place to begin.
Beginner Pole Dance Moves

3) Don’t make it a competition against others

Yes, I know – I’m probably the most polarizing person on the planet.

But I know this: Pole dancing is very personal. It’s not a way to find your perfect level or to gain a special set of skills or to be like a robot (which doesn’t need a pole). It’s simply the feeling of physical power and the pleasure that comes from getting down on the ground and feeling the earth moving under your feet. Whether you’re going pole dancing to have a great time or to make it happen, this is a great place to start.

A few things to remember:

If you don’t have time or someone to teach you pole dance, find another way to have fun.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and feel good with your skill

And in the end, keep the fun going and don’t let anything hold you back in the process.

Have a great week! We’ll talk more in the next installment about the future of the pole scene.

This series has been made possible by members of The Pole Dancing Group (PFD) and my sponsor, The United States Pole and Bodydance Movement & Fitness Training Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana

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