How much weight can a dance pole hold? – Pole Dance Exercise Classes Near Me 60609 Ward

A couple of years ago I measured it for the first time. And it worked very well for a dance pole at 7-8lb.

So let’s have a look at an actual pole that weighs less than 20# with the weight of the ground in the center, and the pole is 4 feet in diameter.

It’s not too heavy but we can see here I had a difficult time adding more than 5lb to the pole without going too far.

The weight of the ground is the biggest variable. Most of the weight for these poles comes from the weight of the pole and the ground. So if the ground is heavier in the center, the pole is heavier everywhere else. If the ground is lighter in the center it is lighter everywhere else.

So a weight of 7-8lb may be ideal for some types of dance poles. It’s not too heavy, and if we were to add more than 5# we’d still have much more stability, but it would be less stable.

A weight of 10lb seems a little more ideal, but it’s still not as much as a pole of 20#. And it would be hard to get more than 4# on a pole like this. That’s just one pole! How much weight can be added to a pole like this?
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Maybe a few pounds more? And if that were the case, what is the maximum weight I can get on this thing? At 4# it seems like an easy choice, and that would mean adding 5+lb to the pole would still add the same amount of stability. But how much weight can I add?

The answer is… the answer is… 10#!

How much weight can I get? My guess is probably closer to 16 – 18 lbs. And you might even see more to the edge than a few feet of pole, but we’ll get to that in a minute. So let’s say I wanted to get to 8.5#.

How much weight can I get? It’s not very difficult to double this amount and you’ll have some stability. But it might not be quite as stable.

In a sense you’ll still have to use the weight of the soil to get the balance right, because it’s not equal to the weight of the pole, only the weight is equal, so the balance remains more in the center while the ground is just above.

The idea would be that a 5# pole or a larger, would

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