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Dancing pole is just a structure made out of wood. It’s usually constructed from one or more pieces of logs. It is typically made of 2.5×4 m (10 × 8 ft) of lumber per side, though it may be made of several parts. Each end is roughly 5 m (16.5 ft) long. It has a square cross-section with a base surface of 5 m (16.5 ft) or more. It’s generally made of one solid piece of wood weighing about 0.1 kN/m². It’s fairly easy to calculate the weight of a dance pole, because of its size. (As an example, some 5 m (16.5 ft) dance poles are used for the opening of houses.) In a typical outdoor pole dance, dancers walk a couple of meters in front of the pole, while on the other side of the pole, spectators stand at different heights above their feet.

Dances performed in a dance pole

In the case of a pole dance in which one pole is positioned for the front and the other is for the back, this is called a pole stand. The poles are placed on opposite sides of a pit to form a dance platform. If that’s not an accurate description of a pole stand, then the pole will likely stand horizontally facing the audience, and not to their sides as you may think. The dancers perform on two poles, and each pole is the distance at which the pole dancer faces the audience. The width of the dancer’s arms is measured from the ground to the edge of the pole, at the point where they touch the ground. The width of a pole dancers legs are measured from the ground to the edges of the pole. The height of a dancers head is measured from the ground to the top of her or his head, or, if there is no pole, from her feet to her shoulders. The distance between the pole, pole stand or pole is measured from the ground until the dancers feet touch the ground. Once the dancers have touched the ground, the pole is allowed to fall as the dancers raise their arms, then drop them and try it again. All in all, a dancing pole is quite stable. If there is no pole, the dancing poles need additional supports, such as a stage or even a wall.

What kind of people perform in the dance pole?

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A pole dance is quite popular in the Czech Republic, which has a long tradition of pole dance. Pole dancing in Prague

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