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The United States Congress has passed a bill to help Puerto Rico rebuild, but critics argue the bill doesn’t go far enough.

“It’s a good bill, but it’s not about Puerto Rico, it’s about the US,” said U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders. “That is not what I am here to do,” he said.

The Senate passed the Senate’s Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act of 2017 on Monday afternoon, after nearly three hours of voting, by a vote of 60 to 39. It now goes to the House on Tuesday for final passage.

Sanders said lawmakers know the situation in Puerto Rico is “very complicated and very serious,” but that he thought the legislation was appropriate.

The act will provide emergency financial aid including $1.9 billion for Puerto Rico to help them “to deal with this very serious situation.” It also provides additional help for housing, water, and sanitation. The House is scheduled to vote shortly.

The legislation was largely symbolic and meant to send a message to lawmakers, especially President Trump, who campaigned on keeping his campaign promise to help rebuild Puerto Rico. The White House said the measure is “unprecedented” for a federal legislation and that Trump will sign it.

“I feel so proud and honored. I was not surprised,” Trump said at the White House in a press conference about the bill. “I think it’s great. Puerto Rico, in the spirit of America, I feel very proud of what Congress and this administration was able to do in what is an emergency situation.”

Sanders did have his own message for Puerto Rico.

“I think the American people are very proud. They understand where our job is. These are terrible situations, but when people are in need, the American people do come together,” Sanders said. “I just spoke to (President) Trump and he said he felt very good and glad and satisfied. And I don’t think he will listen to any other Democrat. The American people, as they say, do work together.”

The bill will also help Puerto Rico “relieve the burden of current and future federal debt, as well as the existing liabilities for the Commonwealth,” the bill’s text states.

Under the legislation, the island would be

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