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In this photo taken on Monday July 5, 2017, a man walks near a makeshift memorial erected in solidarity in Memory of Tanya J. Thomas in Ferguson, Mo. (Photo: Kaveh Kazemi, AP)

LONDON — President Donald Trump’s travel ban was a “Muslim ban,” according to a top government official in the Middle East.

Speaking at a news conference on Monday in Cairo, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the ban on travel from six majority Muslim countries violated the rights of Muslims.

“We can, but I have not been the Secretary-General for seven months and what I am here to tell you is that the executive order that we signed last week discriminates on the basis of nationality,” the former South African diplomat said. “And if you are a citizen of these countries, if you are a Muslim citizen of these countries, the executive order, or the travel ban does discriminate against you.”

“And so, we feel very strongly that this is something that needs to be removed immediately. Therefore we are going to do that and we will work with all members of the U.N. Security Council to do so,” Guterres added.

Guterres later said he had also directed officials to examine whether the country of issuance of travel documents was relevant.

The Trump administration issued on Saturday a 120-day ban on all migrants and refugees entering the U.S. after the terrorist attack in New York city.

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In early January, when the New York Times ran its story about the FBI monitoring the phone conversations of several high-level Trump campaign officials, my phone lit up. Within the first few seconds of reading the stories, I had my answer. As an intelligence and foreign policy expert, I know exactly what it is the government wants to know. “This is not a partisan issue,” said the former American diplomat Mark Toner. “If you think about, this thing could not be much of a partisan issue if it did not have the potential to make a difference—maybe more so on the left here in particular.”

Over the years, our government has worked with Russia and other authoritarian states around the world as a tool or alternative to American democracy. For a long time, we’ve been content

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