How much do pole dancers make? – Easy Pole Dance Choreography For Beginners

At best we have a ballpark figure of $200,000 to $300K, but this is likely an optimistic estimate and the exact figures will depend on who, and how much, pole dancers are paid.

There were a number of performers on this season of the reality show that did not make the show after a number of incidents (such as a pregnant dancer accidentally falling off the pole), so it is likely some performers did not meet the minimum requirements.

The top grossing performer on the season, Jessica Biel, was signed in October for a guaranteed minimum $1.25M, so this is likely quite reasonable.

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Do pole dancers get paid enough to support a family?

Pole dancers may be able to work part-time jobs or even not have a full-time job but they will definitely not be able to work long-term with any regularity.

Some pole dancers are able to work part-time as full-timers, as in some countries where the women may work as little as two hours a week and the men, often in chains, are paid a lot more.

On the other side of the world, pole dancing often is not considered a career and many pole dancers work part time and live in precarious situations.

Some countries, such as the US, do not pay the minimum wage for pole dancers, as shown in this map posted on the YouTube channel Pole Dancer’s Dream.

Why are pole dancers so short?

There is some debate over whether pole dancers have really reached their peak height, but that seems unlikely because they don’t keep getting taller and many of them don’t give interviews about their height.

A pole dancer will tell you they are 5’7″ (the height of the Statue of Liberty), 5’8″ or 5’9″ as they may vary by a few centimeters, and maybe they say 5’10” in a public setting.

For reference, I’m 5’6″ (on the heels, about 2″ shorter than many pole dancers).

Some pole dancers have achieved their height despite not having a lot of competition (although many of them won championships and the fact it is hard to reach a higher height in pole dancing may be a factor).

One such pole dancing legend was a 6’2″ model who competed at the 1984 Olympics with a body like a tennis player and took 10th in the finals!

Do pole dancers get fat and

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