How long does it take to learn to pole dance? – Pole Dancer Song

It takes me 2-3 years. There are a lot of techniques, such as footwork and balancing, that I have to learn as well. As a young girl, I can’t dance with my head upside down or with my legs in the air and it’s a challenge I have to conquer!

How is learning to pole dance different than learning to ballet?

Being a dancer I’m more focused on a style, while pole dancing is a whole new type of dancing full of creativity, physical skill and rhythm. You can choose one over the other, I am fortunate with both.

What’s the best choreographer for your project?

I would have to say Sarah Green from Dancers World, she is one of my absolute favourite dancers and I love her energy and passion for dancing. Sarah is really supportive and a true professional and I love her style of dancing.

What are your dance styles?

I am from Vancouver! I’m a total beginner, but I love to learn new techniques and techniques that are new to my age group and style. I’m not a big fan of learning new dance styles as I feel like it’s just too much at once, but this project has brought about some different ideas for me and I plan to start incorporating them in more choreography. It’s not only the artistic aspects, but also the movement and choreography that I like!

Have you been to Mexico?

Yes and I love the Mexican food here

What are your thoughts on Mexico?

It’s such a beautiful country, with the people, the environment and the food! My friends say the food is the best in Canada!

As a dancer, do you feel you’ve been blessed in the past?

My dance teacher was a true blessing, and has helped me throughout my life and my career. I learned so much about and from him throughout my years learning to pole dance. I have many dreams and goals of working with and doing more dance choreography as well as dance coaching. I’m so happy he’s doing so well and I know he will continue to bring me knowledge and support as I embark on this journey.

Ten Basic Inverts! Upside Down Pole Dance Moves - YouTube
What is your ultimate goal?

To be the best dancer I can possibly be and do more dance!

If you could do anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Mexico is always one of my top choices, it’s a huge, beautiful country and has incredible food

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