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The answer to this question depends on how high your pole dancing education level is. Most of us are probably capable of spinning our hips more quickly than the average college student, especially if we had a great teacher. If you’re an intermediate to advanced dancer, the average time it will take you between the ages of 12 and 14 to master the skill is about 1 1/2 hours. Many of today’s pole dancing classes don’t even have students in the first hour, for example. If you are unsure of your ability level and want to start learning pole dancing, the most obvious first choice would be to sign up for a beginner class. In fact, there are dozens of “beginner” classes at the local gym that you can sign up for that teach basic skills. If you’re a beginner but have a lot of flexibility, you can easily take classes at a local pole dancing club, or you can go to any city pole dancing studio and learn from a master. Check out our Beginner Pole Dancing section for more tips on practicing and training pole.

Will my partner be able to spin my hips as fast as I? If your partner is not already using an exoskeleton such as the RoboPole, they will probably need to practice doing so several times before they can do it at your exact pace. Most students find that their partner is able to spin their hips at a much faster rate using the RoboPole. But don’t let this discourage you from using a partner. It’s great practice until you’re ready for it.
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As far as pole dancing moves go, what are good stretches to do? While it is easy to think of pole-dancing moves in purely physical terms, it also bears mentioning that pole dancing moves are also just as much about your mental strength and technique as they are about anything physical. The following stretches will improve every aspect of your pole dancing technique! They will get you ready to go in as little time as 1 to 2 hours. They are also great for helping you warm up after a hard workout. The first stretches will help you relax your abs and start to focus on your breathing after your first session in the pool. The rest of the stretches will build up your core muscles, which are crucial for your pole dancing.

Side step – this stretches your hip flexors and hip abduction to allow you to side step with your hips.

Side step or toe touch – this stretches the muscles in your toe area to move to the side with your hips.


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