How do you spin a girl while dancing? – Pole Dancing Exercises For Beginners

Well. Well, that’s up unto you, really.

But the story about this one girl’s dance is a bit more complicated. And the woman featured on the video has nothing to do with “spinning.”

The name of the woman featured on the video appears to have come from a song called “Girl with a Dance,” as in, a woman with a dance. The song — not a dance — is called “Dance with Me,” and it features the same girl as in the spin video with the dance — but this time, on the microphone.

From BuzzFeed’s article:

Dance with Me has a different title to the spin video: Dance with Me. But the song, with its title, is no longer recognizable to most people. It has been replaced with a new version, called “Dancing with Me,” and it features the same girl with the dance. It is being promoted to women around the world — including the dancer at the center of the spin video, who does a rendition of the song on Instagram. That woman is called Yael. “The name Yael came from the fact she did dance,” Yael said. “She would come in and she would start dancing all day, so I called her Yael — because she was dancing all night. That’s what people thought.” As for being a real girl named Yael, she’s had a long running YouTube series of her own and now lives in Jerusalem with her girlfriend.

The Spin video seems to have struck a chord with those trying to find the origin of the girl, who goes by Yael. “Oh my Lord, they’re doing the spin again,” one commenter said on Twitter. “What?” said another. And others have noted that the fact that the spun girl in the spin video was also doing the dance on stage, a thing that has the appearance of “being able to spin without being seen” but not necessarily having any sort of spin, would actually make the spin video appear somewhat dubious.

While the spin video is being promoted on social media with the hashtag #DancingWithMe, the name appears to be a parody of that same song. (And the woman featured in the video is not a spinner, but a dancer who does the spin on her phone.)

For anyone trying to figure out who the woman on the dance video is, check the source: BuzzFeed.

And, for anybody who might wonder how a spin video would have ever turned out

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