How do you prepare for pole dancing? – Pole Dance Lessons Portland

Wearing the best suits, heels and shoes.

It’s different than dancing for a big band, so it’s more about being cool.

You’re in a great situation. The girls are great. They’re great in front of the audience, so it’s great. If they need something it’s there for them. [laughs] They can’t help it.

You’re so passionate about it, and you’re so passionate in your own way…

It’s been hard, but I’ve gotten to a place. I’ve got more confidence, and I’ve gotten to a place I could have gone and done these things by myself in other situations.

I’m still not able to say I’m a great pole dancer, because I haven’t done anything like this since I was a kid. This has allowed people to get to that place when they didn’t know I was doing it, and get to that place I was in before I was.

You see pictures of yourself, where you’re wearing a suit and wearing nice shoes.

I wear pretty casual clothes all my life. But to come out here and be able to come out and dance is hard for me.

But that’s what I want to teach people to do, to be comfortable and confident in themselves, whether they want to be or not.

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I don’t know if that’s the right lesson for everyone, but that’s the one I want my daughter to learn because it’s something she can learn by being around us at home.

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