How do you prepare for pole dancing? – Pole Dance Exercise Classes Near Me Today You Tomorrow

Before pole dancing, there are many preparation rituals and procedures. You have to take off shoes and socks. So that is the part where you can do anything. It’s like having to run every single day! [Laughs] I really like the heat. I mean that.

You don’t have to walk so much. I’ll go into town and you could go home. I have the heat on my back and my knees and legs. The heat is really hot. All I do is jump and stretch out and stuff. In pole you are working with more light and I have to work with less light. It is just harder and harder to dance around. I will do anything in the world. I want to be a pole dancer. I just want to be able to dance.

I like to have a lot of stamina. I have to be really fit. When you dance, you have to use all the strength you have and every muscle. You need to have a lot of endurance. It used to be that I would do maybe two hours every day. I really wanted something bigger and faster than what I already had. I think I have to work my body on the ground to work on the air. That’s the most important thing to me.

I have to work hard so I can have my health and stay with it. It is just like getting out of the car because it is time to go home.

What are the big differences between working on the pole and doing your stand-up from the stands?

There is nothing really. It is so different. When you are on the pole, your body is really strong. You can really push through it and it is such a lot of fun. It’s a lot easier on the legs. There’s no weight. I just have to be a bit more relaxed. When you have a lot of energy in you, you don’t have to be as relaxed as you would be at the stand-up.

What do you enjoy about doing pole?

The great thing about doing pole is the opportunity to interact with people and be with people from all over the world. Pole dancing is an international sport. I have the same opportunities as any other international champion. I can hang with the best men and women in the land. I have all the respect for everybody.

How do you feel being a part of a top act like Pole Fitness?

It’s a great company and it really helps me out.

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