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“We do a lot of this,” he said. He and his wife, Mary Jo, decided in November 2007 that they were going to go for a walk every time they went into a restaurant. They were going to get all tanned up, put all the stuff they liked in their cars and walk out together. There was nothing wrong with that, but then they went to Italy and did something the day they got back. That time, during the evening and even the early morning, they ate lunch in restaurants. The next time they went out, they ate a pizza with their friends and danced. That’s how it grew.

“We got the name, the idea, the energy,” he said. “It’s just about people taking us seriously and enjoying the experience, and having other people enjoy our friendship.”
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What has the group experienced thus far?

“We’ve had the fun that everybody wants.”

That’s not to downplay the difficulties. “There’s nothing like living with someone who wants to be with you all the time,” he said.

They have some problems, too. There have been some misuses and misunderstandings. To do something serious – even a short walk – requires time and energy. How many people could do it? That’s very difficult even for a group of friends that are so close.

“I’ll put it in perspective that the two years that we’ve been gone, I haven’t been with anyone at the club who isn’t a family member,” he said of his wife, Julie.

“That’s a problem,” he said. “People want to be near each other, and I don’t know how to do that. But if you live in this state and know what it takes and how you do things, the way we do things and what we have a passion to do … I don’t know how we could find anyone else here if we left.”

It takes dedication, discipline and, of course, work. It’s a serious thing.

“A lot of it is getting to know the people,” he said. “We’re not so much into that. It’s more just doing things we like. Our attitude is that we want to be able to say to anyone in a restaurant, ‘Come on, this is a great place to eat.’ We want people to come and enjoy our place and see us and know who I am. This is a new start for us. We’re kind of

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