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“What can I say? We got all this money, got all this power, and we’re dancing. Everyone is going full speed. One guy goes too fast, and it goes right through him. Everybody has enough power to do the pole and go straight up into the air. And of course we have more weapons than a buncha other gangs, with sticks, poles, whatever.

“The pole dancers have to be careful and quick. They don’t want the gangsters to catch them in any kind of mistake. The last thing they want is for the pole-dancer to fall on his face, but he does it all the time, especially with those big wings sticking out at the front of his body.

“The gangsters think that because they are all out-of-shape and fat that we get away with so few attacks, but I think they look silly when they see how we move, and I would never let them catch me in any kind of mistake.

“We go into the jungle and we get out our weapons, chop off sticks and use them as weapons. We have to be as well trained as any gangster to do that.”

It turns out that Dixie had been lying to the police about his whereabouts, but when we questioned him to verify his story, he had a big smile and said so. I don’t think there are too many people who do this sort of thing who would talk openly on the record. I’ll tell you that he did not do such a dirty thing.

“The only thing I am not proud about is going out into the jungle. I was tired of the police and the FBI. I wanted to find out what really happened.

“I was a young man. I was a real man, with big, broad arms and a nice, strong body. I was smart. I got things done. The man I used to be was a bum. He wanted to get a new job and just make a buck. That’s why he took the drugs.

“I started off as a member of the Big Five gang. I got my first gun shortly after my 17th birthday. I didn’t know anything about guns.

“The guys you see in movies, they are not real guns. The real guns are in real police departments.

“We were a good crew for a while, but as time went on the gangster group fell out. I had to leave to get out

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