How difficult is pole dancing? – Pole Dancing Championships

The simple answer to this question is: it gets the job done. There are plenty of ways to do it, including the full-body routine, a combination routine, and the more common pole dance-specific routines. When we set out to investigate the question “what is pole dancing,” we knew it would be a lengthy process. This is the result. The following five posts will go over the findings and conclusions from ten years of studying the subject.

(1) Study the basic routines and learn how to do them

The first step should be to study the basic routine and learn how to do it. A typical beginner to pole dancing should be able to do 10 pull ups before they begin to perform their first routine.

2) Learn some exercises that you can easily use in your routine

Before you begin, learn what you need to do in order to perform each exercise on the pole.

3) Find a partner or instructor to help with each routine

Find a partner or instructor to help with any of the first ten routines.

4) Make a plan

For this first part of the study, your goal is to spend 4-8 weeks training on a regular basis. This means you are going to spend 4-8 weeks doing routine after routine after routine.

5) Read the other posts

Now that you have your routine, read any other posts in this series that might interest you.

How do you rate these 10 years of pole dancing research? Would you like to read our next 10 years of pole dancing research, or are you happy with the state of pole dancing knowledge at this time?

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