How difficult is pole dancing? – Pole Dance Near Me

I used to always say that it’s “easy” as long as you can keep dancing. There’s nothing easier than doing pole at your house. You start with just a pole and two feet and everything’s going fine. You’re not going to get hurt, right?

But I also remember when I first got in pole in San Diego, and I thought it was a “little bit like a kung fu movie”. Just the weight of the pole, and the amount of pressure you put on your balance. If it’s too painful, it can be very difficult to even go that far.

It takes you longer to stand and move, and more time to look around. The pole dancer is able to relax because of the balance of the body. It’s hard to make people do that. That was my initial impression.

How do you do yoga?

I tried yoga from my early days and stopped in my late twenties. I tried everything that I knew, and some things that were not very effective. There are so many people who say I’m the most dangerous of all ballet dancers. I’m not saying that, but I think some people still think that. I try a lot.

Did you have any other profession other than pole dancing?

I’m really fascinated by music and I do music theory with my teacher, and in theory I think I’m capable of being a musician or a writer. But I think that I’m more capable of playing the piano, singing or dancing. There are so many people who think that because I started in salsa dancing that I can’t do anything else. I’ve been dancing ballet for 14 years now, and this is all I’ve ever done!

What do you look for in a partner?

I am always looking for someone who is creative, very open-minded and very enthusiastic. I’m always seeking for a partner who is willing to put in the work and who has the vision that they will not disappoint me. I think that makes for a good relationship.

I’m really interested in your personal life as well. What made you open up this way? Was there a reason you started dancing?

You know, I started dancing at 14 years old, like almost all of my generation. People were all doing it at that time, which is why there are so many dancers who were doing that from my generation onwards.

Some people I knew for a long time did have very different views on what

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