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A pole dancer at the London 2012 Olympics who won the title of male and female world pole dancing medalist said today that his training had “totally changed”.

“It took me the whole year to become really solid at it,” said the 27-year-old from Nottingham. “I just tried to stay on top of my game. I didn’t want to let me down.

“It was a massive achievement to do this. It is the first time this many people have won in the world. The London Olympics are always talked about but I never had a chance to compete. We were all so emotional after the games.”

A total of 498 world championship medals were won by pole dancers, the most for any sport in history.

It is thought that pole dancing may be the world’s most popular sport.

In recent weeks, American Airlines has been forced to defend its decision to drop a seat-replacement program that could have saved more than 3,000 on-time arrivals this season. But what is the actual benefit of these moves? We look at the math behind the decision, and determine where the extra seats will go.

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Let’s start by clarifying that these numbers, courtesy Southwest, include every flight operated by American this season, not just flights operated by American. American’s on-time arrivals on the route averaged 3.5 days per seat on a typical week. In other words, they got there on average about two-thirds of the time. And that wasn’t all that good, so Southwest wanted to get on those airplanes.

The plan was to replace as many of the seats as possible with up to four extra customers a trip to replace the seats. To do that, their goal was to move 5,000 seats by May 31. However, Southwest decided to cancel the program because the airline was losing money on all of its on-time arrivals.

The airline’s calculations were based on the number of seats available on each trip. Southwest estimated that on a standard roundtrip ticket to Dallas/Fort Worth you had 7,000 seats available, so the airline would have to change about 7,000 seats to make up for the flight cancellations. The average Southwest flight now has 1,360-2,000 passengers, but they only had enough seats to take two people on a roundtrip to Dallas/Fort Worth. Southwest will be adding one extra seat and about 1,200 more passengers to each flight this season.

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